The Invisible Word (2016, 53/30 min)

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Distributor: Journeyman Pictures

Cesano is a small town in the Roman countryside with an abnormally high incidence of leukaemia and other diseases, especially among children. It is also home to the Vatican Radio’s global transmitter site.writing informative essay cheap assignment help australia

Links between the two have lead residents of Cesano to form a committee and engage in a long legal battle against Vatican Radio, which has lead up to an investigation for “manslaughter”.

The Invisible Word tells this story through a unique mix of interviews, archive footage and home movies from the families who have been involved in this highly controversial case for the past 15 years. This found footage sits alongside interviews with residents, scientists, politicians and even the Vatican Radio’s former director, Father Federico Lombardi (who’s also the Holy See former official spokesperson) to provide a unique and intimate portrait of the personal struggles of the residents.